Street Crime – Free Online Mmorpg Gangster Game

street crime gangster game Street Crime   Free Online Mmorpg Gangster Game

Street Crime - Online Gangster Game

Street Crime is my companies established online mmorpg gangster game. You take up the role of a young gangster in the busy streets of 8 of the largest cities in the world, with one aim, one mission and one goal:- To rule the streets in whatever way you see fit, impose your beliefs upon others or influence others with your ideology. Most of all earn respect or take it.

So whats it all about

Its all about an exciting and extremely addictive gangster mmorpg role playing game. Work your way up to a world renowned Ganglord battling for dominance and survival with hundreds of other gangsters. Power, money, casinos, violence and greed play huge roles in the journey through the very unique and in depth set of featues.  You can gamble at the casinos, pimp your prostitutes, traffic drugs, pull jobs, find items, do organised crimes, do drivebys, play poker, edit your character, do missions, steal vehicles, build up your own plot of land, pimp your vehicles and most of all become part of a commuity that cares.

Whats just around the corner?

If your a hardcore fan of Street Crime, youll know exactly what it is! For everyone else theres “mastercard”………okay, okay only kidding for everyone else………ill have to tell you. For 3-4 months now we have been hard at work developing a fantastic new version of Street Crime. We are now beginning to draw to a close with the development and edge ever nearer to releasing it and if I dont say so myself its brillliiiaannnnnntttt!

Whats new?

Well just about everything has changed, we recoded the whole game from the ground right back up to the top and then some. Whats new? Simply in one word? Everything! Heres a short list of new features without trying to give too much away:

  1. New inside and outside templates with unique and custom design
  2. New inside template which is designed uniquely to work like a application (and boy is it a step up from the old street crime) icorporating a facebook style chat and friend search.
  3. All new programming and code making it a seemless experience.
  4. Tons of new features, Jobs, Plot, New cities, Poker, new gambling tables, mugging and really loads and loads more.
  5. Most of all street crime is now going to be free to play! hooray!

Game Stats

Total signups: 4,698
Free to play: YES


Street Crime looks set to lead the way in online mmorpg gangster gaming with its massive investment of time, expertise and dedicated team behind it, we can all look forward to the release and wait to see if the outcome is as good as this review!

Its a really exciting time for all of us here at Bytewire as the next few weeks unfold we will be telling you more and more about the game and what to expect and most important when it is launched.

Building Your Own Free Online Mmorpg

By day I run Bytewire Limited and we focus primarily on building and developing our online mmorpg style games. We are currently focused on building our new improved version of our online gangster game which is coming along really really well!
If your thinking about setting out to make your own mmorpg style game, it can be a very daunting process. I will look to provide some tips and un-cover some traps you will in-evitably encounter with this article.


The Mmorpg In your Game

Now we’ve probably all been there at some point when we think we have a good idea for a game but have we all really found the ‘MMORPG’ of that idea. This would be the concept which takes the idea from a single player game to a massively multiplayer online role play game! The likes of Street Crime make good use of it which is my companies online gangster mmorpg. Other good uses of it can be seen at Omerta and Torn city.

Game Infrastructure

Moving the game from the idea to the real thing can sometimes be the most tricky part, especially as development can span many months. Its difficult over the months to stay focused and consistent, but it is important that you always have goals and challenges set for yourself so that you stay focused. You will find that putting all the pieces together can be hugely time consuming, id suggest not attempting to make a game if you do not have the spare time sufficient enough to finish and manage it.

The Service

Your online game provides a service to people. Often taking real money for small incentive features in the game, therefore people will expect to receive some form of support and help if something goes wrong or doesnt work quite as expected. So you need the time to give it some TLC every now and then.

If you fail to do the above Chargebacks could happen. If users are un-happy that they paid for a service they feel you did not provide fully, you will more than likely be chargebacked for any money that they did spend on your site. In which case they will inevitably get there money back and you will end up with a charge of $7-$10 per transaction. Nice eh! No.

The Server

Uptime and your Server / Hosts are a very important part of creating your online game, finding the right hosts for you will be a combination of price/reliability/uptime and speed. If your game is a serious project id suggest you focus on Uptime, Speed, Support and Reliability more than you do price. As these will be the areas in which you will encounter problems as you move forward.

Advertising and Exposure

You might make a fantastic game with real potential but if know ones ever heard of it nor can they find it, its going to be very hard for your game to grow. Google Adwords is a good start, Advertise Your Game and submitting your game to alot of topsites like Top Games Zone and asking your players to vote for your game for small incentives will increase exposure but again its not easy at the beginning to increase exposure in this way.

Instead what you want to try and do is create a viral loop, so that anyone who does make it to your site has to then at least double there worth in terms of inviting at least one other friend to the game. You could either do this by offering incentives so the user wants to invite his or friends or try to almost corner the user to invite one friend before they can continue. Either way should work pretty nicely.

Your other tool if you are a website developer is SEO – Search engine optimisation! Not the most fun thing in the world to do but the results speak for themselves. Our online games rank well for the keywords we have identified as important for them. SEO is a slow process especially if your domain name is new averaging probably up to 6 months before google starts to give you the credit you deserve. However its importance is huge, if implemented successfully you could open yourself up to huge amounts of free advertising.

I Hope this helps a little bit if your thinking about making a mmorpg game. I will cover more about making an online mmorpg game very soon!


How to deal with long continuous strings with a PHP function

An annoying problem when developing a messaging system or a forum is that users often decide to be childish.
Spamming it with the following sort of message.


Now you can set “overflow:auto;” in your css property of the element which will deal with it well enough if the string contains a space.
However it will not deal with the problem of the above style spam/childish message if it does not contain a space, or a string within a message which does contain spaces does not or is similar to the above message.
What youll find probably if your looking at this is that the message makes the element stretch and or exceeds the elements width and basically makes a right mess of your page layout.

I have developed a work around for it below:

function one_wordwrap($string,$width){
  $s=explode(" ", $string);
  foreach ($s as $k=>$v) {
    if($cnt>$width) $v=wordwrap($v, $width, " ", true);
      $new_string.="$v ";
  return $new_string;

$msg = htmlentities($_POST['msg'], ENT_QUOTES);
//send the posted msg to the function to check for long strings.
//you must define a width suitable for the maximum width a string can be in your desired element.
$msg = one_wordwrap($msg,50);

//go on to do whatever you may wish with the wrapped $msg variable.

Wallah you will now have a function which gets rid of annoying longs strings, by simply putting a space at the set width intervals you specified. You could change this so that it puts a new line in with either “br n”. The reason I put a space in it, is with the space it allows the containers css properties of “overflow:auto;” to adjust the lines which I find works really well for my in-game messaging system.

Hopefully this is useful to someone else

One line unzip and mysql dump to database

After some advice on my last post I thought id make another post with a revised version of my other post about the same topic.

unzip -p | mysql -u USER -pPASS -D dbname

This one line will do the job of unzipping a file on your remote server to the database of your choice.

Hope this is helpful!

Mysql dump a backup using terminal & ssh/ shell

I decided today to take a backup of a database in the usual way using phpmyadmins export facility. I exported it to a zip file and called it i then ftp’d it to the location on the server i wanted.

I then decided that i wanted to mysqldump this database using the terminal, which ive never done before but which is much quicker and more reliable than using phpmyadmins built in import function.

So here we go……………..

Step 1 :   Unzip the file that you ftp’d to the server which contains your backup database


Step 2:   Login into your mysql database using terminal

       mysql -u mysql_username -p

Step 3:   You will be prompted for your password for mysql, enter it and hit enter, note(you will not see any characters going in).

Step 4:   Enter the database name that you want to add the backup into or create a new database

Step 5 (optional): Create a database from command line

       mysqladmin create db_name

Step 6:   Once the table is there select the table:

       use db_name

Step 7:   Once the table is there select the table:


Step 8:  then simply quit out of the mysql console using


Step 9:  For help using the mysql console:


I hope someone finds this useful, its very simple and can save loads of time.