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Keeping Your Apache Server Name The Same

Just blogging this for future reference:-

Using several aliases on the same domain and keeping the same apache server name for all can be achieved by entering this into the apache config for the vhost.

UseCanonicalName On

If you wish to let Apache select your server name automatically the default in most configurations of apache is set to:-

UseCanonicalName Off

Link MAMP & mysql to mac os x terminal

Last night I trawled the internet trying to find the answer to how to hook up my mac os x terminal to my mamp mysql using the > mysql command in the terminal.

For mac os x 10.5.6 Leapoard users this command worked just fine.

sudo ln -s /Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/mysql /usr/bin/mysql

I also noticed attempting to use the mysqldump command resulted in this error: “-bash: mysqldump: command not found”

To solve it cd into “/Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/” and run the same command and you’ll have much better luck icon smile Link MAMP & mysql to mac os x terminal