My name is Dave and this is my blog. It’s basically a collection of random articles that span my interests in Computing, Technology, Programming, Design, Gaming, Game Design and some other ‘loosely’ related stuff.

By day I run an Internet Media company called Bytewire Limited. We specialise in Web Design and Bespoke Web Development for clients generally in the Essex area. We pride ourselves on being able to take a project from conception right through to marketing after completion. When i’m not working I enjoy hanging out with my friends, playing football, trying to keep fit & healthy (occupational hazard really) and trying to better my skills by learning new innovative techniques.

I’ve run several online mmorpg games, various other web projects and worked on large development projects for both our company and clientelle. My current favourite weapon in the armoury is WordPress. I’ve really been hammering through WordPress installs of late, and am starting to know the platform like the back of my hand. I particularly like how the growth of large open source CMS platforms like WordPress have driven down the cost of providing highly bespoke custom CMS solutions to our clients. It’s a truly great platform.


I’m an active and sporty guy, i’ve played football at varying levels since I was 4, attend the gym regularly and try pretty hard to keep myself in shape (god knows a tech profession doesn’t make it easy). I love anything web, I love it’s openness and the opportunities it presents as a platform. I have a love for achieving speed and latency optimisation in websites (it’s just one of those things). If you know me you’d know I also have an undying love for music (never been much of a musician) but i’ve listened to music of differing genres for many years. Music plays a huge part in getting me through days and those long boring gym sessions – I find music can really ghee me up, when I need it.

Apart from that the last 4 years of my life or so have been dominated by immersing myself into my business Bytewire Ltd which has been really fun, testing and rewarding.

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  1. Hi Dave, are you available for freelance dev work? I have a project that you might be interested. Hope to hear from you!

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