Games for Mac OS X

If your anything like me then on a sunday night or all be it any other night when boredom hits  you look for a game or something of the sort to pass some time and hopefully surpass that to “not so much a waste of time” as “genuine fun”. However I use a new generation Imac with all the bells and whistles which is amazing for work purposes, being a web designer its brilliant but not for gaming!

I was thinking about this tonight and realised that it was odd that Apple havent really thought to themselves, okay weve managed to sell our product being the (mac) to a massive world wide audience, but we havent managed to fulfill and persuade all our users that its the best. I mean im not being funny but for most people under the age of 25 the sole purpose of a computer is work and recreation. And I bet in the case of 95% of those people using it for recreation will be the use or the want to use it for gaming.

Now perhaps with this in mind, Apple might have thought to themselves we could make games ourselves for our own computers. I mean microsoft sure as hell do. If they could invest in a large gaming company and make some awesome titles available for the mac they would see there whole image in the face of hardcore internet and game users turned around. I think they HUGELY under-estimate what alot of people that spend alot of time on there computers “out of choice” actually do on them.

I say “out of choice” as these are the users using computers away from work and free of will meaning they want to be there.

Its the one most dissapointing thing about having a mac icon sad Games for Mac OS X what also strikes me as funny is that id bet my cotton socks that its easier to develop for a mac than a windows system barring the fact its not been as widely done.

Just an idea.

Where can I find websites that are for sale?

Untill a few weeks back I was pretty lost in terms of looking for a decent site to browse websites that go for sale, how much they go for and the general concepts that seem to be flying off the shelves.

That was untill I was shown sitepoint, sitepoints site is simple and pretty good. I now end up checking it almost everyday for interesting new sites that go for sale.

Its pretty entertaining especially for me as a business owner and a web designer.

So check it out here Sitepoint Marketplace and see what you think.

If you know of anymore that I dont add them to this list so that I can check them out.

How to move your domain name to another server

This is a very short post about how to move your domain name if you really dont have a clue.

What you’ll need

Youll need to ask the persons or person hosting your new server which you want to move the domain name too.  For the nameservers that they use. You might not know what these are but they will most certainly and are easily obtainable.

Secondly youll need to find your control panel logins for where you have registered your domain name.

Thirdly youll need to ask your domain registrar or current hosts to reduce your domains TTL which stands for “Time To Load” this is the industry standard method of controlling how long it will take for your domain to propogate or change from its current records. It is standard industry practise to acknowledge the TTL. You may not know what this is but your hosts most definitely will. If you get the TTL reduced before you move the domain then it will make the actual domain propogation quicker.

What you need to do

Simply login to your registrars control panel for managing your domains, locate the domain name you want to move to another server then find the option to update dns records!

Once you have located it, youll notice it will probably ask for nameserver1 & nameserver2 – simply enter the nameservers given to you by your new host.

The last step

Finally to complete the movement to your new server make sure you let your new hosts know that you pointed your domain at there nameservers so that they can accept the domains.

After this you should be ready to set the domains up on your new hosting control panel or ask your new hosts to do it for you.

Simple as that.