Search Engine Optimisation – The Basics – Lesson 1

After doing some pretty intense search engine optimisation over the last few months myself and to some great success I feel its time to share some of my knowledge with others. Over the next couple of articles I will be providing some truly comprehensive tips to help search engine optimise your website!

Lesson 1


First step to understand the nature of keywords that drive traffic to the website.

Keyword analysis allows us to have a range of keywords to engage in search engine optimization for.

Know the level of competition for those specific keywords. This will help estimate how difficult/how much time will be required to rank tops for certain keywords.

The number of times the keywords are searched for monthly. This allows us to project the number of visitors we can expect to our site with a successful SEO campaign

The cost per click (CPC) for each keyword. This gives an idea of how cost-effective the SEO campaign will be.
For example, if a keyword costs $1 per click. It means if we are able to rank high for that keyword, every visitor that comes to us from the search we save $1 in CPC cost.
This helps you value SEO.


We use the Google keyword tool.

It provides us with comprehensive information regarding, keywords, keyword popularity, keyword competition, CPC.

Have a little play with that tool and then check back in for lesson 2. I would suggest starting with a list of 10 keywords/phrases that you would like to try and rank highly for. Id also suggest picking these keywords before you even start to develop your website it is much easier to build a site withthe keywords identified in mind all the way through than go back and try and make the site reflect the keywords you want it too!

End of Lesson 1

Does hosting two similar domains from the same ip address effect google rank?

Up untill now I would have frowned at the possibility of this, yet over the last few weeks it has become apparent that infact running two domains off of the same ip address server which have very similar domain names and content can REALLY effect your google rank. I have always assumed that multi hosting is too common for google to base its crawling upon ip address rather than just simply using the domain name itself. However if your finding that your site should be ranking better or you have revamped an existing site using a different but similar domain name like us, yet the old one is now ranking better than before and your new one is ranking badly in the search engines keep reading!

The two domains we have in question here are which is coming up for 2 years old and which is relatively new – only 4 months old.

Both of these domains are hosted on the same server using a cloud hosting method, is significatly better seo’d than

Stats According to Google and a few other tools

  • External links (according to google webmaster): 220
  • Page Rank : 2
  • Alexa Rank: 539,638
  • Indexed pages in google: 73

  • External links (according to google webmaster): 677
  • Page Rank: 2
  • Alexa Rank : 2,380,476
  • Indexed pages in google: 305

Google will crawl the content for both sites and will make some interesting calculations. In this case it has decided that the newer site is a subsite of the older domain name thus giving  all of the ranking benefits that has.

In this case it has boosted to number one for gangster game in yet is no where to be seen.
This leads me to only one conclusion that hosting on the same server with very similar domains can effect your google ranking, in a bad way if you are trying to rank for both domains, like we are.


The simple solution would be to switch the domain names onto different ip address’s which is easily possible. This should sort the ranking of both of the domains out seperately then.

Any questions or help on how we got around this problem just leave a comment and ill get back to you.