Simple Essential Subversion Commands

June 16, 2009    simple svn commands subversion commands

As we are now using subversion here at Bytewire I thought it might be useful to just blog a few of the essential commands.

svn status  - Will show you all the files you have changed pending a commit

svn status -u - Will show you all the files that are pending to update on the repository

svn update  - Wil update your files with the files from the repository that have changed.

svn commit -m 'message'  - Will update the repository and commit your pending files, with a message to describe what you have commited.

svn add 'filename or foldername' - cd into the directory of your site and then add 'http/filename.php' or http/foldername/ this will update the repository with a new file.

svn rm 'file or foldername' - Will remove a file or directory.

svn mv 'file or filename' - Used to edit or move a filename so svn mv hello.php hello2.php will move the file hello.php to hello2.php

These are all of the essential commands.

I will be posting more to this list in the coming weeks.

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