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June 9, 2009    facebook social networks twitter twitter vs facebook

As the tides start to rise and more and more people are jumping on there surf boards and heading to the land of Twitter, I ask myself the question "why?" and again "why?". How does a site which comprises of the most tiny amount of coding possible, get so big? To be honest who knows exactly how they managed to do it, alot of people think its down to celebrities taking it under its wing and promoting it through use.

What is for certain though is it has become a viral internet phenomon in the last few months. Maybe its the querkyness of "twittering" in the rather sort of "sad" way. Or maybe its the less intrusive style of keeping up to date with what your friends, favourite celebs or favourite businesses / entertainment are up to.

In my opinion there is little to no comparison between the two sites in terms of useability and technical expertise expended in development. Facebook is by far the more powerful tool and has hugely developed since hatching from its first embryo years back.

Despite that these two large social networking sites look set to continually grow and are perhaps heading for a full on confrontation?

The other big question is, does twitter currently make much money? Yes it has alot of users, but how does it try to monetise the fact that it does. Amid reports google are interested in buying Twitter, however they have refused to speculate as at current twitter has little to no monetising on its site.

Who will win the war of the social networks? We will see in the coming months.

Twitter - Facebook | The Choice is yours!

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